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Rook X Hero!Reader
Rook X Hero!Reader
Chapter 1-Rookie vs Newbie
You sat at the smoothie bar, tuning your beloved guitar, the CrystalKiller. A few aliens gave you eerie glances as they passed you by. Everyone in Bellwood knew that messing with you ment messing with the CrystalKiller. And no one wanted to mess with such a guitar. But, apparently, not everyone got the message.
At last, Mr. Baumann handed you your (two favorite flavors)smoothie.
'Here ya go, Miss _______.' Mr. Baumann chirped.
'Thanks, Bau'!' You smiled, kindly.
But, before you could even touch your drink, someone shoved you off your seat. You fell onto your bottom, C.K landing beside you with a metallic clatter. Three aliens came towards you, two taking a spare and your seat, while one stood over you menacingly. You knew who these guys were. Bubble Helmet, Fistina, and Liam. Three of Earth's top criminals. Luckily, Buble Helmet, who was standing over you, didn't seem to recognize you. You cleared your throat, as a blush grew on your face.
:iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 31 8
A Very Ben 10 Valentine's Day
“What is this Valentine’s Day that everyone speaks of?” Rook asked as he watched Ben hang up decorations in the living room.
“It’s a holiday where people celebrate love,” Ben answered. “It’s been around for a long time. People exchange cards called valentines to people they love and give each other candy.”
“That sounds really interesting,” Rook said. “We don’t have holidays like that in Revonnah. The only time we celebrate love is at weddings.”
“Oh,” Ben looked up from hanging a paper heart on the window. The front door opened and Kevin rushed in.
“Hey Kev,” Ben waved.  Kevin glanced around nervously. “What’s up?” Ben asked.
“Valentine’s Day, I’m out of ideas!” Kevin let out.  “I can’t come up with anything!”
“You and Gwen have been going out for nearly two years now,” Ben pointed out. “You kn
:icongoldengirl954:GoldenGirl954 21 15
Leaving For Revonnah
Ben knocked on Rook's door, glancing at his Omnitrix as if he were checking the time.
"Dude hurry up! They say the flight's leaving in 15 minutes."
Ben and Rook had a mission in Revonnah, Rook's home planet. Ever since they got the news, Rook had been more excited than ever. He had been calling his family and friends for the past few days, planning his stay.
"Yes, Ben 10 is coming," he told his younger brother who Ben could tell was letting out a fanboy scream. "I'm also bringing a surprise with I'm not telling you! It's a surprise!"
"You'd think this guy would already be at the gate," Ben muttered. "Dude!"
"I'll see you there ok? Tell mom and dad I said hi!" Rook hung up the phone and opened the door.
"Don't worry I'm coming," Rook placed his suitcase down. "I just got a bit caught up talking to my brother. He's eight you know and he looks up to me."
Ben shrugged. He had no idea what it was like to have a sibling. Rook was the oldest of four. He had heard that people either ha
:icongoldengirl954:GoldenGirl954 14 24
Rook x Reader
"You're so busy Don't you have time for a break?"
The alien gave you a smile as he opened his bag and started to put his gear inside.
"Crime never sleeps, so I must be on call whenever I'm needed."
Ever since your friend Ben had introduced you to Rook you had been smitten.  He was so polite, a quality that most boys your age seemed to lack.  Not to mention good looking; tall with enchanting orange eyes. You two had become friends over the past few months.
"You sure?" You asked disappointed. He always took his work seriously.
"We're here together right now," Rook said. "I guess this counts as hanging out."
"Need help with your stuff?" You asked.
"Thanks." You went over next to Rook and gingerly started to put the weapons in his backpack. You glanced at them as you placed them in the bag, silver with strange writing that you could not understand. After a short while, you had noticed that you and Rook were standing directly next to each other. You grabbed for another tool exactl
:icongoldengirl954:GoldenGirl954 127 175
Rook X Alien!Reader- I'm Different
This is my very first X Reader short story. And I just LOVE Rook!! Is he cute, or is he CUTE?!! He deserves a fanfic! Screw you, Ben!! And this is for girls only!!
You ran as fast as your (many/tiny/long) legs could carry you, just as another street lamp fell behind you. You could feel the earth tremble under your (feet/claws/tentacles). Suddenly, a building collapsed. The roof fell and was heading straight for you. You looked up and quickly ducked, ready to accept death. Darkness loomed over you, and you were about to scream when something pushed you with a strong force and held you close to it. The earth shook again. You opened your eyes to find yourself within the arms of a blue, grey and white teen alien, slightly older than you. A Plumber alien. He had black outlines on his chin, jaw line, eyes and three lines for something resembling hair. His ears, you couldn't help but notice, were like an elf's, which were very cute. He smiled reassuringly, the kindness in his eyes almost melt
:iconthedarkphoenixqueen:TheDarkPhoenixQueen 75 34
Reader-Chan from Paper Hearts :iconsnowfairy86:SnowFairy86 5 0 The feelings: Part 16 :iconvenetia-th:Venetia-TH 31 72 The feelings: Part 15 :iconvenetia-th:Venetia-TH 38 145 Gwen 10 - Feedback :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 219 14 Ultimate Swampfire Gwen :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 370 32 Ghostfreak Gwen :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 269 14 Nanomech Gwen :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 222 3 Cloe Splixon :iconvenetia-th:Venetia-TH 58 35 VLR7 Kineceleran :iconvenetia-th:Venetia-TH 160 138 Ultimate Alien style: VL :iconvenetia-th:Venetia-TH 52 153 Update Galvanic Mechomorph :iconvenetia-th:Venetia-TH 121 71



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